Photo 0f Derek by Rob Sargent

This web page is created by my friend Andrew Hardie alongwith his family’s support.

Collaboration is integral to the development of my work. As well as presenting me with fresh insight, challenges and opportunities, my aim is always to provide for the audience and those working alongside me, a fresh and innovative approach to art practice in general. It includes:

  • The Centre for Developmental Art, Glasgow, to stage a performance and artwork;
  • An exchange programme with the Centre for Developmental Art, in Glasgow and Sunderland;
  • Exhibition programmes including; the Oxford Diocese, Oxford; a variety of venues in London, including, Spittalfields; Hackney; Barings bank.
  • Exhibitions/workshop programmes in Warsaw, Gdansk, Poland and project, 12, sponsored by IBM to all 12 major EU cities in Europe;
  • Exhibitions/lectures in Barcelona, San Sebastian, Spain
  • Exhibition/workshop programmes in various mainstream and local venues throughout the North East region, ranging from pubs and clubs to the Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle and the Winter Gardens, Sunderland.

Derek’s collaborations with the photographers Keith Pattison and Rob Sargent took place at the Art Studio over a number of years recording its daily activity and development.

Photography by Rob Sargent & Keith Pattison


Photo of Derek by Rob Sargent for The Crack magazine
Photo by Rob Sargent for Art Council mag
Photo: Rob Sargent
Photo: Rob Sargent
Photo: Rob Sargent
Photo: Rob Sargent
Brian and Derek. Photo:Keith Pattison
Philip and Chris Sell. Photo: Keith Pattison
Karen Summers.Photo: Keith Pattison
Photo: Keith Pattison
Ron Levy's wood carving. Photo: Keith Pattison
Victor Smith. Photo: Keith Pattison
Victor's studio. Photo: Keith Pattison
Chris Sell. Photo: Keith Pattison
Derek Photo: Keith Pattison
Paul. Photo: Keith Pattison
Big Jeff. Photo: Keith Pattison
Patricia and Brian. Photo: Keith Pattison
Philip. Photo: Keith Pattison
Dave. Photo: Keith Pattison

Further examples

Further examples of Derek and Rob’s work together, including book, built with Nissan UK and Smith’s Electrical Vehicles.

Photo: Rob Sargent

Photo: Rob Sargent




Photo: Rob Sargent

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